ClickFunnels is an online platform that helps marketers and business owners to build their funnels in minutes and with no coding knowledge.

2 Simple steps to set up your funnels directly on Ohmylead in order to capture and qualify new leads in one place and on real time.


  1. Click on button "ADD" then "New Source"

  2. Choose ClickFunnels in the integration list

STEP 1: Setup the Ohmylead Webhook URL on ClickFunnels

Those instructions are indicated when you click on Show me instructions in the 1st step

  • After copying the Webhook link on Ohmylead, go to your Clickfunnels account and dive into the chosen funnel that you want to connect with Ohmylead 

  • Click on the Settings tab 

  • Scroll down until you see the webhooks area, and click on the button "Manage Your Funnel Webhooks"

  • Click on the button "New Webhook"

  • Step 5: Fill the webhook details and save the changes by clicking on the button "Create Funnel Webhook"

STEP 2: Complete the set up on Ohmylead