Connecting to Pabbly Connect


You can connect Ohmylead to other lead sources or platforms via Pabbly Connect to receive new leads in your Ohmylead account. This gives you instant new lead alerts and automatically creates the leads in your client list so you can immediately contact them.

The Ohmylead integration in Pabbly Connect lets you connect over a thousand different lead sources to Ohmylead, including JustDial, Instamojo, Google My Business, and many other platforms.

Setting Up Pabbly Connect

Automated connections on Pabbly Connect, also known as workflows, can be set up directly from your Pabbly Connect account in just a few minutes. Each workflow has a Trigger and an Action.

To connect your lead source(s) to Ohmylead via Pabbly Connect, create a workflow with the lead source as the Trigger, and Ohmylead as the Action.

  1. Log in to your Pabbly Connect account, and click on Create Workflow

  2. Configure your lead source app as the Trigger (When this happens…)

    • The Trigger Event should be related to receiving a new lead, new contact, new form submissions, or similar

  3. Configure Ohmylead as the Action (Do this…)

    • Choose App: Select Ohmylead

    • Action Event: Select Create Lead and click Connect

    • Choose Account: Sign in to your Ohmylead account.

    • Customise Client: Map the data from your lead source to the fields of a client in Ohmylead, such as the Name, Lead Source, Email, Phone Number, and Additional Client Details.

  4. Once done, you can test your workflow and activate it. That’s it!