Content Overview


Content sent through Ohmylead is auto-personalised for the lead and can be quickly sent via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or other apps in seconds, without any typing or copy + pasting needed. These interactions are automatically saved into both the lead timeline and content history for future reference.

You can send content via the Quick Response feature when viewing a client’s details, or from the Message detail screens. You can also send auto-personalised content to up to 50 clients at once with our Bulk Sending feature.

To view and manage your content, click on the templates tab in the sittings tab.


Templates are introductions, follow-ups, updates, and other text-based content that you wish to send to leads and clients. Messages support plain text, links, and emojis, and are auto-personalised for the client when sending.

You can add unlimited messages to your account, for any and every occasion.