Follow Up Reminders


Ohmylead has built-in follow up reminders for every lead, making it easy to keep your relationships warm and prevent any leads from falling through the cracks.

Follow up reminders can be automatically set when you interact with a client, quickly snoozed for days, weeks, or months, and will give you contextual alerts that can be easily acted upon.

Every client in Ohmylead has a follow up reminder, which is displayed in the Follow Up section when viewing the client. You can set or change the client’s follow up by tapping on the Follow Up section and selecting a new date and/or time.

On top of scheduling the follow up for a day, week, or month later, you can also choose from the following options:

  • Select custom date and time to specify an exact date and time to follow up.

  • Never if you don’t want to get back in touch with them ever again. This is usually appropriate for lost or abandoned leads.

Follow Up Alerts

You’ll receive follow up alerts via the Ohmylead app and email on the date and time that a client’s follow up is due. These notifications include the client’s name, and the last thing you sent them.

Tap the alert to open the client details screen and view more information about them, such as their notes and timeline. From here, you can quickly contact them or send a quick response to keep your relationship warm and engaged.

Once done, you can snooze the follow up so that you’ll be reminded to touch base with the client again in the future.

Follow Ups Tab

The Follow Ups tab shows all leads with a follow up due today. You can click to open the client and contact them, or snooze the follow up by tapping the “…” on the right side of the client to set a new follow up date and/or time.

The top of the screen shows the number of clients whose follow up is Overdue, or Upcoming. You can tap on any of these options to view all clients in that group and change their follow ups.

You will also see the number of clients without a follow up at the top of the screen. These are typically people that you don’t wish to keep in touch with, but you can still click through to view all contacts in this category.