Lead Details


The lead details screen gives you access to all the information and actions related to a given lead or client. You can view and edit your follow up date, assignment, lead qualification, notes, and interaction timeline, contact the lead, add to your phonebook, and edit or delete the client from here.

The lead's name is displayed at the top of the screen, with buttons to call, SMS, email, or WhatsApp the client. These contact buttons will be grayed out if the relevant information is missing (e.g. no phone number or email address).

The next field is for lead status, You will be able to change the lead statuses (pending, qualified, unqualified etc...) as you see fit

The Follow Up field shows the next follow up for the client. You’ll receive a notification on this date and time to remind you to follow up with them. Tap anywhere on this field to change the follow up date and/or time. View more about Follow Up Reminders.

The activities show a complete history of your interactions with the lead. This includes activities (e.g. phone calls, messages, meetings, and notes) as well as content that you’ve sent the client through Ohmylead (e.g. messages, Emails). You can add interactions to your timeline, or tap on an existing item to view more details and options related to it. View more about the Client Timeline.

The communication buttons allow you to send an auto-personalized message to the client in seconds, without even needing to type. Just choose the channel you want and select the content you wish to send, or simply send a custom message. View more about Quick Responses.

Tap on the Edit button in the top right to edit the client, delete the client from Ohmylead, mark the client as a new lead.

Adding and Editing Timeline Interactions


Tap the ‘+ Add note’ button to manually create activities on your timeline. You’ll be prompted to select an activity type (Phone Call, Message, or Note), and can edit the following fields of the activity:

Title is the name of the activity. It will default to the activity type (e.g. Phone Call, Message, or Note), but you can customise the title by tapping to edit it.

Details are optional comments about the activity. You can add as much information here as you like, or just leave it blank.

Date & Time will determine where the activity will be displayed in the timeline. It will default to the current time, 

Once you’re done, tap the ‘SAVE’ button at the bottom to save it to your timeline.

For upcoming activities, you can set up alerts to receive push notifications at the time of activity, 3 Hours before activity, and/or 24 hours before activity. You can change this setting by going to your Account tab and clicking on Settings > Account preferences > Notifications.