Connect Your Facebook Lead Ads


You can connect Ohmylead to your Facebook Pages to receive new leads from your Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads in your Ohmylead account. This gives you instant new lead alerts and automatically creates the leads in your leads list so you can immediately contact them.

You can also share leads from your Facebook forms with other recipients via email, even if they don’t have an Ohmylead account.

Note that you’ll need to have a Facebook account with access to one or more Facebook Pages that are running Facebook Lead Ads or Lead Generation in Messenger.


  1. Click on the "+" button then "Integration"

  2. Choose Facebook in the integration list

3 simple steps to set up your own Facebook Lead Ads directly to Ohmylead in order to capture and qualify all your Facebook Leads in one place and in real time.

Step 1: CONNECT 

  1. Connect your Facebook account with Ohmylead

  2. Ensure all permissions are enabled, then click on DONE

    You need to connect your Facebook account with our system. If you want to make a good set up, we wanted to remind you that your Facebook account needs to have a business page and of course Facebook Leads Ad Form.


  1. Choose one of your pages that run on Facebook lead Ads

  2. Choose the form that you want to connect

  3. Fulfill all the fields in order to make them match between your form and our system. That way you will find every answers and all the information on your lead interface 

  4. Add Recipients to share with them your new leads coming from your facebook forms

  5. If you already have some leads, do not forget to check the box in order to import the existing leads.


Attention: This step only available on desktop!

Set up a welcome email that will be sent to each new subscriber acquired

Set up your lead alert to be alerted every time you receive a new lead

Once you complete the process click on finish

We’ll send you a test lead within 15 seconds to demonstrate what happens once you receive a new lead from Facebook, and also give you the option to import past Facebook leads to your Ohmylead account.

All leads from the selected facebook lead ad form will flow through to your Ohmylead account going forward.

New Lead Alerts

Once you connect your Facebook Lead Ads to your Ohmylead account, any new leads from Facebook lead ad forms will send you a new lead alert via the Ohmylead app and email. You can configure these alerts via your Account Notification Settings.

Tap the alert to view the lead with all the captured information displayed on their notes field. You can immediately contact them or send an auto-personalized Quick Response.

You can also enable additional alerts if you haven’t acted on a new lead within 15 minutes and 60 minutes, in case you missed the first notification. You can enable these extra alerts via your Account Notification Settings.

All new leads from your Facebook Lead Ads will be displayed with a NEW LEAD label on their lead details and on the leads list until you act on them.